Saturday, October 24, 2009

my new junking treasures

i went junking ( thrift stores,antique shops, estate ,yard sales) earlier this week and here's a pic of my goodies i found... ( pic is not so good sorry) i found the cute little book like brand new or one of my nieces.The supper sweet "lords Prayer " planter... so pretty i have a cute idea for it! the awesome vintage china soup tureen .. it has a crack in it so i cant use it for food... but I'm gonna store some of my vintage jewelry in it! a old hand mirror I'm gonna jazz up with some jewels!! and some cool vintage jewelry!! and the coolest silver clock.... i want to doll it up like the ones seen in romantic homes mag... by Jennifer Hayslip of Sweet Eye Candy Creations, . I think here things are beautiful and they inspire me!!


  1. thanks for coming by for the Party. You did well with your thrift finds. Look forward to seeing how your clock comes out too.

    best wishes Ginny (in the uk)

  2. Beautiful love your artwork!