Monday, October 5, 2009

The Mad Hatter Flea market

I had a Super fun time at this Mad Hatter flea market this weekend!! I saw the flyer in Jo Ann's fabric store a few weeks ago ... and it sounded soooooo cool... and it was!!! they held it in a grange hall... ( i have been to a few of theses grange hall flea markets before). and it was selected vender's... so u didn't have to wade through all the china junk that seems to overflow in other flea markets. My only regret was not bringing my camera!! the little booths were so beautiful.. and i meet some very talented ladies who have blogs ... maybe i can get some pics off of theres ...if they let me... any how these ladies had some really fantastic things!! i saw lots of altered art (my obsession) and cool vintage items and i even found some vintage goodies for creating.

ok so i haven't figured out how to arrange the pics they way i want them... but i will eventually. So the big green thing with a fleur de le is a vintage scrapbook cover.. how cool huh? I'm hoping to find some inserts to fit it and put in my fab atcs i have traded with other artists!! ... i found some big vintage beige velvet roses, and some super cool velvet pansies for some creating fun!! i also found some sweet vintage Venice lace ( about 2 1/2 yards) for like 5 bucks!! and then some super cool vintage bottles, iv been wanting to make some of those pretty bottles iv been seeing around with all the pretty paper and vintage jewels dripping from them... now i have some cool bottles!! so those are the treasures i found there at the mad hatter show.... now I'm going to keep my eye open for other shows similar to those! i had a great time... now I'm off to check out some of the vender's blogs! hopefully i can find some more pics of the booths for you guys!


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    It was nice meeting you this weekend. We had a great time at the Mad Hatter. If you see any pics on my blog you would like, feel free to use them. You work is beautiful!

  2. Loading the pictures is tricky. I have learned the first one will be at the bottom so I have to plan out my loading of the photos ahead of time. Then I have figured out how to move them but it can be tricky too. But you click and drag. Takes me several attemps to get it to move. Or I go into the html mode and see if I can figure it out from there. That is my least favorite what to move the photos. Hope this helps.

    What a beautiful blog you have. And I'm glad you had fun at the Mad Hatter Flea Market. Thanks for signing up as a follower too.
    Have a super great day!