Friday, October 30, 2009

CRAP!! I gave my self a BOOBOO!!

OK... um ya... Just when u thought crafting was a nice SAFE pastime... something happens... I was involved with a crafting crime... the perpetrator? this pair of deceptive pair of scissors... i know they look all Innocent ....but BEWARE!! You never know when they will unleash their rage!!!

Then they BITE you!! You see i was in state of euphoria... a night off from work... dinner all done ....and a whole, guilt free crafting night ahead of me... then out of nowhere... my had slipped as i was trying to cut a heavy belt off a cute, rhinestone, belt buckle. And BAM!! The evil ,little ,buggers jumped up, and sliced my finger wide open! I cussed some awful profanity and my hubby jumped up to see what was wrong... and grabbed me a dishtowel to stop the gush... then we headed to the E.R... after waiting a while... this pleasant looking lady came in and started out all sweet and nice as she cleans up my gash ... as we were talking pleasantry's.. out of NOWHERE Like David friggin Copperfield she whips out this Really, Long, Needle!!!This Sweet lady was really a sneaky, needle, wielding, MADWOMAN!!! I Panicked ,and Pleaded with her to give me a chance to prepair my self for the torture ....i saw i had no choice but endure!! So i just barley regained my composure when.... with a twinkle in her eye.... she shoved her instrument of torture into my now throbbing finger... it seemed to take forever... and then again she jabs me with the evil little tool.... after what seemed like hrs.... .. finely it was over!! As i started to breath again.. she said... she would have one of her minions come in, and clean, and prepair my wound for repair.... now my finger was blissfully Numb.. and i felt pretty good about my predicament.. thinking "ahhhh it will be over soon" after about 30 Min's later .. a young man came in to attend to my wound ...although mildly irritated about waiting 30 mins for him... he started to charm, and amuse me with funny, Halloween costumes he has worn in the past...he then finished up cleaning and preparing my finger for the next step in my ordeal.... i ... (still numb) was starting to feel better about the situation.... he left..... and i waited... and waited ...and waited... 45 mins later i could start to feel my finger again... screaming and throbbing.... another 20 mins after that the "Needle wielding magician" came back in... i knew what had to be done and my body clenched as i told her that the numbing potion had worn off.... I saw the excitement in her eyes as she went for her torture device... and she again.... impaled me twice more with her weapon!!! she again left the room ... at this point i am wiping the tears of pain from my eyes and thinking of some uncomfortable ailments for the horrid witch... when she came back in to stitch my poor battered finger back together... Finally!! after 6 stitch's my left pointer was back together!!! It was over!! But then i had to wait another 30 mins for my chance to escape!!My savor was a sweet older gentleman came in and gave me my Key to escape!! I hurriedly scratched my given name onto the document, and was Pleased to see,,,, The gentle old man had given me access to a magic pill! i slowly edged my way out of this house of horrors and my wonderful knight in shinning armor ( MY HUBBY) carried me off home in his large, gold ,350, chariot!! after a little bit i was granted reprieve of my pain with a little bit of heaven (pain pill) ..... now i looked at my poor little finger and have decided to name my poor little stem "franken finger." i hope i can get over the trauma i had to endure tonight by sharing my tale of woe with all of u.. while typing with one finger in a state of medicated bliss .. i thank u if u have made it through this crap iv typed... i do feel better though ... but my crafting will be on hold for about a week ... ill just drown my sorrows in some Halloween choc... and hopefully i will be back in action in a while!!! here is a pic of my bandaged

swollen finger ....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

some new creations!

i finished up some new goodies for my etsy shop... first is the little fairy i did.This sweet, altered art, glittery, fairy, was soooooooo fun to make!! I started with a sweet ,image of a vintage, little girl, then digitally colored her frilly, costume with pretty pastels. I added fun, polka dotted, wings that are edged with PINK glitter!! I also added fun embellishments like cupcakes,and a cute, sparkly, ice cream cone. I also added fun, paper flowers that i had glittered, and some sweet little pink roses. This fun whimsical wall hanging is loaded with glitter and i think it warms the heart !!

Next i revamped a previous cake i made...Fun ,whimsical,shabby,cottage,,box! This would be great for Storing special, treasures,or it would make a Fab., Gift box for a extra special gift! This sweet, little, green ,glitter bird is sporting a awesome, gold, and green rhinestone crown! It sits atop tons of silk,paper and rhinestone embellished roses!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

my new junking treasures

i went junking ( thrift stores,antique shops, estate ,yard sales) earlier this week and here's a pic of my goodies i found... ( pic is not so good sorry) i found the cute little book like brand new or one of my nieces.The supper sweet "lords Prayer " planter... so pretty i have a cute idea for it! the awesome vintage china soup tureen .. it has a crack in it so i cant use it for food... but I'm gonna store some of my vintage jewelry in it! a old hand mirror I'm gonna jazz up with some jewels!! and some cool vintage jewelry!! and the coolest silver clock.... i want to doll it up like the ones seen in romantic homes mag... by Jennifer Hayslip of Sweet Eye Candy Creations, . I think here things are beautiful and they inspire me!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

The FREE Marie Antoinette -ZINE is done!!!

I am so excited and Honored to be a part of the new Marie-zine!! its a online magazine that My Friend Cassandra From And co-founder Andrea from have created! They have worked for months and months to bring everyone this Gorgeous online publication!! it is so full of Yummy Eye candy!! I am Thrilled that some of my work was included in the Zine!! here are the things Cassandra chose to include in the zine!! u can download your own copy from her blog OUR SWEET MARIE...there is also included, a FREE Marie Antoinette digital collage sheet!! Cassandra also sells her fantastic collage sheets in her etsy store so how lucky we are to get some of her work free!!! yay i already printed mine out and have some pretty ideas to do with it! soooooooo anyway get your Zine and relax and enjoy all the lush and beautiful art work by some fantastic artists... and hopefully u will become inspired !! hugsssssssssssssss steph

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Marie- Zine is FINALLY Coming! And not only is it coming, but it is coming THIS MONTH! It is finished and they are now applying the final touches. For those of you who have not heard about it yet here is a little more information. This will be a FREE zine, complete with a FREE Marie inspired collage sheet. Inside is over 50 pages full of Marie related art including: altered shoes, ATCs, theaters, jewelry, cuffs, banners, dress forms and MORE! I cant Hadley wait... i know that Cassandra has worked Very hard!! and also is having a giveaway!! so check out her site for more details!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

halloween tussie mussies!

here are the Halloween tussie mussies i made... they have not so scary skulls wearing pink bows!! and the roses are handmade by me using crepe paper! i had fun with these

new goodies in my etsy shop!

i added some new goodies in my etsy shop today... some Halloween goodies, some Christmas shoe ornaments, 2 wall hangings..... and a sweet little bird box.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Mad Hatter Flea market

I had a Super fun time at this Mad Hatter flea market this weekend!! I saw the flyer in Jo Ann's fabric store a few weeks ago ... and it sounded soooooo cool... and it was!!! they held it in a grange hall... ( i have been to a few of theses grange hall flea markets before). and it was selected vender's... so u didn't have to wade through all the china junk that seems to overflow in other flea markets. My only regret was not bringing my camera!! the little booths were so beautiful.. and i meet some very talented ladies who have blogs ... maybe i can get some pics off of theres ...if they let me... any how these ladies had some really fantastic things!! i saw lots of altered art (my obsession) and cool vintage items and i even found some vintage goodies for creating.

ok so i haven't figured out how to arrange the pics they way i want them... but i will eventually. So the big green thing with a fleur de le is a vintage scrapbook cover.. how cool huh? I'm hoping to find some inserts to fit it and put in my fab atcs i have traded with other artists!! ... i found some big vintage beige velvet roses, and some super cool velvet pansies for some creating fun!! i also found some sweet vintage Venice lace ( about 2 1/2 yards) for like 5 bucks!! and then some super cool vintage bottles, iv been wanting to make some of those pretty bottles iv been seeing around with all the pretty paper and vintage jewels dripping from them... now i have some cool bottles!! so those are the treasures i found there at the mad hatter show.... now I'm going to keep my eye open for other shows similar to those! i had a great time... now I'm off to check out some of the vender's blogs! hopefully i can find some more pics of the booths for you guys!