Sunday, July 5, 2009

about me

Hello! My name is Stephanie.. i am 37. i would like to get this tidbit out of the way first.. I cant spell worth a darn.. my writing skills are awlful. and i tend to ramble all over the place...but if u can get past that.. i love to share things i find and make!I Love creating! i have a passion for making something ugly, into something soft and pretty looking! i love Shabby, cottage, style anything! I love to hit yard sales , thrift shops , and antique stores.... i like to see past something and think to myself .."what can i do to this to make it pretty"...i tend to get a little obbsessive when i make things .. drives my hubby crazy... lol... but when i finish a prodject i feel so giddy lol!My fav color is PINK!!! my whole house is decorated in the soft pretty shabby cottage style look! i LOVE roses... and pretty vintage things! i love things that are time worn.. and have a little wear and tear to them...I fell in love with "altered art" a few yrs ago... i thought it was fantastic... but i didnt care for the dark colors... so i thought to myself ( this would be soo beautiful if it were in pastels!)... and as iv searched the web and bought mags... i see that lots of u out there are the same way!! i have seen so many Gorgeous creations here and all over the place.. that it really inspires me!!ok about me... I have been Married to the best Man in the world for almost 19 yrs!! He puts up with my crazyiness! ( he may be apart of my crazyness though lol) I have 2 sons Brad 18 and Kurt 16... my boys are the best thing i have ever produced! they are sweet and good boys!! and they put up with alot of pink lol!! I know this is gonna be weird... but i have been a black jack dealer for 11 yrs... its a good job... but can make u hate people lol.. thats why i tend to gravetate to my crafts.... they are sweet nice and pretty .. and they dont yell at me for taking there money lol!... i tend to cuss alot... but i will control myself here heheheh... and i love to laugh.. !!i love to be funny and love to be around funny people ( my hubby !)So thats a bit about me .. i hope u got through that awlful spelling.... im am very excited to be here and make new freinds!!!