Monday, March 21, 2011

Marie's Danse des Fleurs Art Event

I did IT!!! I flew across the country to beautiful Tampa Florida, to attend Cassandras, I was so nervous!! I knew these girls from being online, but meeting them in person? would they like me? Would i fit in?, Yep i sure did LOL Omg i found some women who are some of the most talanted sweet,fun, and down to earth people i ever meet!! Honestly this was one of the best weekends of my life!!Most of these fantastic pictures were taken by the SUPER sweet and talanted Tiffany Kirchner Dixon The Fancy Farmgirl.

The first night was vender night, and a meet and greet. The room was decorated so beautifully!! Omg it was a like a dream!! We each had a wonderful box of goodies ,sent to us by Cassies wonderful sponsers!!

Some of my beautiful new friends ! Miss Sherry, sweet Lulu, and sassy Marsha!!

My roomie and one of my new best friends in the world , Becky!!

My other 2 newest BBFS in the world and roomies, Miss Sherry and sweet Julie!

I also had a instant connection with this chick, Miss Tiffany , She made me feel so welcome!!! hugssss girl

below are pictures of the girls creating!

Joanna,Cassandra, and Bryanna, These girls worked their tails off makeing this magical event happen!! Thank u ladies!!

On the second night was the magical Maire Antoinette costume ball!

above ,My beautiful roommates and myself all decked out in our Marie costumes!!

On the third day , we had classes! we had wonderful teachers and had a fun day creating!!!

I had the time of my life!! Thank You Cassandra!! for creating this beautiful event!! I want to give special thanks to my New best friends and roommates Sherry,Becky,and Julie,for making my time so wonderful!!!!!! I also want to thank Tiffany, making me feel apart of the "group"!! I also bonded with Marsha, and Lulu!! u women are fantastic!! I wish i could have spent a bit more time with the other beautiful, talented girls i meet, to get to know you all a bit better!! but hopefully i will get to see you all at future events!!!
hugssssss Stephanie