Friday, August 21, 2009

Marie Antoinette inspired art

Ok this will be one of my first posts!! yay me!! hehehhe Just thought id share one of my fav . pastimes! i belong to a swap group that is all about Marie Antoinette inspired art. i enjoy my self so much creating and viewing all the talented artist that have been hand picked to be members!! We get grouped up and get to trade work that is themed! its so exciting to get another artists creation in the mail!! these people are fantastic artist!! i love getting a new goodie and inspecting it and learning a new technique ,,lol .....The creator of the group is a fantastic artist named Cassandra!! I have know idea how she does it ... shes a mother ,wife a artist and she runs the site and is very dedicated to it she also has a blog and a etsy store , where i have bought some AWESOME altered art pages u have to check it out!!

so anyway i thought id share my newest Marie inspired piece! its a Masquerade mask!! omg i had so much fun with this!! i hope my partner likes it too!! ... so i got a pre-made mask ( i know i cheated a little there) .. i covered both sides with fabric...added pretty trim and rhinestones around the eyes and other rhinestone pieces. i also added a dowel i painted and wrapped with pretty velvet ribbon and topped w/ a matching rhinestone piece and ended it with a cool blue tassel.... and the best part are the awesome ostrich . feathers and some other colorful craft feathers!! any way i have had so much fun with this swap .. i have made up a few more i will be adding to my etsy shop in the next few days! and y Lollieshop (cotton candy cottage)... so i hope u can read the jumble lol and i hope i can figure out how to get the pics to load....any way here is my mask...hope u like


  1. You are so very kind Stephanie, I am blushing.

    I simply ADORE your lovely mask! It is wonderful!

  2. Your mask is beautiful Stephanie! Congrats on your new blog. I wasn't sure how to work on my blog when I first started it, and so far with yours I really like what I see. I can't wait to read your next post. If you ever have any questions feel free to email me or contact me through our Marie group. Have a great weekend! Rhonda...

  3. Hi Steph! As I said in MAMA group, this mask is fabulous! I mean it is totally WOWZA! I love your blog. You gotta start somewhere, we all did....Becs

  4. Stephanie, so happy you are blogging, I just started mine. Take a look, I am a follower to yours.

  5. Hi Girl!!! I'm glad you have a blog!!! Good for you!!! If I can help in any way let me know!!! Blessings sweet Friend,