Monday, August 31, 2009

altered art marie diarys!

here is my new creation... found these awesome locked diary's and decided to pretty them up!! i used some of my fav colors( pastels)... and i have been making myself use my vintage finds... i have such a hard time using my vintage goodies i find... i keep... thinking i don't want to waste it on something that might not turn out good... but I'm changing my evil ways hehehhe it turns out they seem to just finish the creations so nice... an much better than sitting in a box... on the pink one i used some pretty vintage lace and a vintage beaded piece and a vintage rhinestone/ pearl piece... on pink velvet fabric.. on the blue one the big blue rhinestone piece is not vintage but oh so pretty,,, the piece in her hair is though it is one of a pair of earrings... (the other one was missing when i bought it) i also used blue velvet fabric on it. anyway here they are i have put them in my etsy shop..


  1. More beautiful work! You're just so talented! I LOVE these diarys! If my oldest saw one she would beg me for it for sure. Thanks for sharing! xoxo Rhonda...

  2. WOW this is wonderful! Your work is always so lovely! Thanks for sharing :)