Monday, November 1, 2010

New Goodies in in my Shop

OK i may ramble here alot... First I'm pretty excited,,I have a new laptop here... well not new , but new to me... my mom bought herself a brand new laptop and gave me this one!! ( Thank u MOMMY!!) LOL well there is nothing wrong with this one, just a little crack in the shell, well that drove my mom nuts so she had to buy a new one lol. So this will be my first post using a laptop.. weeeeee lol, Second, I ended up having a unexpected week off from work .. ( no i didn't get in trouble lol) just a licence issue, so i decided to try some purging.. i have WAY to much stuff, craft supplies, vintage treasures ,ect..ect..Anyway i added a bunch of stuff to my shop added these fun Christmas ornaments i made out prisms and some fabulous images i bought from my friend Cassies etsy shop .

This Pretty ,creamy ,wreath, i added a Huge vintage,Velvet,Rose, and some other vintage trims.

Then For the vintage goodies, I Added 2 lots of vintage Jewels, a vintage pincushion, and a vintage lady head vase.

Well my big plan is to keep going though things and adding more fun things to my shop!!


  1. Your wreath is beautiful. It would fit nicely into many different decor styles. Hugs. Tammy

  2. Your blog is Amazing!!
    I follow your blog.

    And I invite you to step into my world
    of nostalgic and romantic...

    With love,

  3. yummy, i love the wreath
    love the autumn piece as well

  4. I had some of those lady head vases and just could not figure out what to do with them at the time. Silly me, I let them go in a box at an auction. Hopefully they found a nice home. Forgive me, it was before I came to appreciate vintage as I do now. Thanks for becoming a Follower too :)

  5. Really lovely things. Glad you have a new laptop, I love mine for sure.

    Hope to 'see' you soon.

    xox Rella

  6. I enjoy reading your blog..look forward to see more of your pretties.

  7. truly wonderful! I love your blog!