Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So i was browsing in my local second hand shop a few weeks ago, and the cover of this vintage record caught my eye! now i usually don't look at records ( who even owns a record player anymore)and then i started looking at the records. I found a stash of Beautiful classical records someone donated. I mean the covers are fantastic!! and it hit me that they would make beautiful wall art!! And of course id have to had my shabby touch to them!!! Now i LOVE classical music!! not sure how i learned to like it ( this chick was raised in a trailer park lol) But something about it moves me and relaxes me! any who, i have finished 2 of the records and added them to my etsy shop. I'm pretty excited how they turned out! Not sure if this is a original idea? But iv never seen them before. soooooo let me know what you think.... i added pics of the records before i go my crafty little hands on them, and 2 finished ones. I hope to get to the rest as time and inspiration allows. Huggggggggggssss stephanie


  1. Absolutely beautiful Stephanie!!! I think that is an original idea I have never seen anything like it before! You added your special touch! I have never seen embellishments as beautiful as yours and you're so creative in using them too!

  2. Yes, and original idea and oh so beautiful! Just started following your blog and lovin it!

  3. Hi Love your collection and love how you have made them into wall art-Have a great day Sincerely ,Jonny

  4. Amazing finds my friend. What I wouldn't give for those graphics!

    Lucky, lucky you! Beautiful.

    Love to you~


  5. Dear Stephanie,
    What can I say, I am speechless and for me that a big deal.... your parcel arrived today and as I opened to box to find your beautiful hat box, my heart stopped and what was inside, breath taking,and with each layer more beautiful gifts. I can't began to say how touched I am with your thoughtful and wonderful gifts.I felt as if it was my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one. I will use and wear everything and each time I will think of you...thank you again Wendy at blissangels